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Filling expectations, not just orders.

Information is power. Without it, no organization can make timely decisions, let alone good ones. Yet it remains one of the major reasons why some companies are successful while others are not. Like raw materials, a steady supply of raw information is vital for not only a customer’s day-to-day operation, but also its future. That is why IFP is equipped to get information in a client’s hands instantly, so that it can be put to use now.  

We have made a major investment in a proprietary on-line order processing and accounting system, which is used to keep in close contact with the transaction parties around the clock. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is used to monitor the status of an order from the time it is placed until it is completed and closed. Once an order is placed, IFP and our agents are in constant contact with the customer, shipping company and suppliers to ensure that orders are processed quickly and accurately. Non-bureaucratic and highly accessible at every management level, IFP keeps all its channels open, both internally and externally, so it can react quickly to supplier requirements.

IFP also utilizes another effective form of communications: face to face contact. Our top executives frequently travel to world markets, visiting suppliers and customers to personally build and strengthen long-term relationships.

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