Sales & Marketing

Supplying information, not just products.

IFP’s marketing staff operate as mill representatives, not transaction-based brokers. As such, the company is driven by opportunities, not commissions. In fact, our success is largely due to our marketing prowess in expediting the flow of goods from mills to customers. With an international network of offices and local sales personnel located in 100+ countries around the world, IFP has a pulse on the marketplace. More importantly, we not only have the means to move large volumes of product on short notice for suppliers, but also the will to do so on a long-term regular basis. Keeping one eye on the world, IFP’s presence in local markets enables us to furnish mills with up-to-date market information for anywhere in the world.

With the ability to conduct business in many languages, IFP assesses local market conditions, supply availability and pricing trends, and translates them into specific opportunities. In addition, IFP has solid relationships with a diverse group of producers committed to export markets, giving the flexibility to fulfill large or small orders and adapt to demanding delivery dates. The staff at IFP includes experts in a variety of product lines. We combine knowledge of the properties of various raw materials and the conversion process into the finished product with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of international commerce. IFP’s unique affiliation through common ownership of the Rand-Whitney Group, a leader in the US packaging industry, enables the company to offer first-hand technical expertise, on-site troubleshooting, and in-house training of state-of-the-art packaging techniques.

All of these strengths can be packaged into one company. Yours.

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