At home around the world, International Forest Products (IFP) has become a leader in the distribution and marketing of forest products. It is a company in which “think global, act local” is more than just a working philosophy. It is a way of life.

IFP’s understanding of local customs, currencies and business practices is essential to our success. But it is not the only requisite. Working with suppliers and customers as a true business partner, IFP provides a portfolio of marketing, financing, and transportation services, along with professional advice on technical, legal, and logistical issues. IFP offers a distinct advantage over competitors of comparable sizes and clout. 

Furthermore, as one of the few remaining privately-owned, family-operated forest products trading companies, we are structured to operate seamlessly with a client. Without corporate borders to interfere with good decision-making. Without managing boundaries to restrict the exchange of new ideas. And without third party stockholders and investors to limit vision and growth. 

Customary for the company, IFP offers a world of possibilities.

Sales & Marketing

IFP’s marketing staff are mill representatives, not brokers. As such, the company is driven by opportunities, not commissions. In fact, our success is largely due to its marketing prowess in expediting the flow of goods from mills to customers.

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Finance & Credit

IFP buys and sells in local currencies as well as US dollars, hedging against currency fluctuations. We are well-versed in international banking systems, including the use of letters of credit and bank collections to minimize the risks associated with international transactions. IFP also has extensive relationships with a variety of credit insurance companies providing highly favorable terms and insuring efficient service for customers of all sizes.

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Transportation & Logistics

Connected in the right places, IFP’s professionals are well-versed in the nuances of business diplomacy, resulting in efficient movement of goods. In fact, IFP is annually ranked among the USA’s top 10 exporters by The Journal of Commerce.  

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Operations & IT

IFP continues to improve our technological resources, product diversity, and range of customer services in anticipation of expanding our global presence and increasing our customer loyalty. Now in our fifth decade, International Forest Products has established customs and traditions that many other paper companies have assimilated into their own corporate culture.

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Market Intelligence

As a global leader, IFP knows that we need to have insight into the market dynamics across the world. IFP’s unmatched platform identifies market trends and opportunities, which we can utilize to provide unmatched value to our trading partners. 

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