Solid Wood Products

IFP’s Solid Wood Division maintains a global distribution network over a diversified product base, sourcing and selling across 5 continents.  We are committed to maintaining a world-class sales team of experienced traders located across the globe.  The stakeholders of our business are both the independent producer that needs access to the world’s markets, as well as the wood consumer that demands reliability of supply from an ever-changing landscape.  And our promise is to provide unparalleled service, earning their trust and business every single day.  

International Forest Products acquired 100% of Price & Pierce in 2019. This 150 year-old company is a leading UK distributor of a wide range of timber and panel products sourced from around the globe. From two UK offices, Price & Pierce is committed to delivering unparalleled service to a national customer base providing market-leading brands. To learn more about Price & Pierce, please visit:

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  • West Coast Species, included Hemlock, WRC, DFIR and Ponderosa Pine
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • South American and South African Pine
  • European Spruce and Pine


  • North American and South American Plywood in both Construction and Sanded Grades, including T1-11
  • Specialty Plywood including Marine, Furniture and Plyform
  • Oriented Strand Board
  • MDF, Particleboard, and Hardboard


  • North American Species including Hemlock, DFIR, Spruce and Ponderosa Pine
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • South African Pine
  • South American Pine sources from Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Brazil
  • Eucalyptus in all Grades sourced from Africa and South America

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Managing Director, Solid Wood Group
Managing Director, Price & Pierce UK
Sales Manager, IFP Istanbul
Managing Director - Africa
European Trading Manager
Director of US Sales, South American Products
Marketing Director FRTW and Business Development
Director of Solid Wood Sales
Operations Manager, South Africa
Country Manager, Uruguay and Argentina
Vice President - Asia Sales
Product Manager - South America
Director of Sales for China