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Krafts building a $350m Patriot Place complex, and a legacy

FOXBOROUGH — New England Patriots owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft typically spend the off season acquiring players and negotiating contracts. But this year they are also thinking about something else: Christmas Tree Shops and Victoria's Secret.

The stores are among the first to sign up for the family's $350 million retail and entertainment complex they are building on much of the 700 acres they own around Gillette stadium .

The project, known as Patriot Place, has 1.3 million square feet, anchored by powerhouse merchants such as outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops. Other major attractions include a Patriots museum, a sports medicine and healthcare clinic, a 500-seat jazz club, and a high-end movie theater with reserved seating and concierge service. The first phase is set to open this fall as the football season and holiday shopping season are in full swing.

"For me, this is a legacy project," said Robert Kraft , the 65-year-old chairman and chief executive of The Kraft Group and the New England Patriots, during an interview at Gillette Stadium.

"This is where I come to work every day. We want to build something special," he said, speaking for the first time about his vision and motivation for the project.

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