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International Forest Products LLC announces addition of Stuart McDiarmid to the Solid Wood Products division

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – International Forest Products LLC (IFP) is pleased to announce the addition of Stuart McDiarmid to its Solid Wood Products Division. Stuart will be added to the U.S.-based team to oversee IFP’s panel sales in both hardwoods and softwoods as Director, Global Hardwood Panels.

Stuart is a seasoned veteran of the timber trade with more than 35 years of experience spanning a diverse background. He has been active with a broad range of supply sources as both a market developer and market leader. Known for reliability and consistency to the trade, he has established a blue-chip network of customers for domestic and international sales. 

“We are excited about Stuart’s addition to the IFP team,” said Peter Keyes, Managing Director of IFP’s Solid Wood Products group. “With his base of knowledge and network of relationships, we are confident that he will have an immediate impact on our business, and we look forward to long-term success of our panel sales under his direction.”