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International Forest Products Corporation Announces New Role for Mr. Barry Miller as Vice President, Strategic Business Development

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – International Forest Products Corp. (IFP) is pleased to announce that Barry Miller has accepted the role of Vice President, Strategic Business Development. In this role, Barry will manage the company’s relationships with finance and private equity companies. IFP’s sales and marketing network, suite of services and strong balance sheet provides value to and growth opportunities for these businesses. In addition to his new responsibilities, Barry will continue as IFP’s Vice President, Pulp.

“Over the past few years, Barry has done a fantastic job in identifying unique investment opportunities for our group, and these investments have led to new sources of supply for IFP,” said Daniel A. Kraft, IFP’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With this new position, I am excited that Barry will be able to spend more time developing these non-traditional growth areas and growing IFP’s global footprint.”