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IFP Solid Wood Products – Expanding in Asia

The IFP Solid Wood Products Division is pleased to announce a strategic addition to the company with the opening of a dedicated Solid Wood Products office in Shanghai.   Complimenting our existing activities in pulp and paper, this office’s sole drive will be to expand our existing sales activities in lumber and panel products, and look for strategic supply of Chinese solid wood products now on the world markets.   Through this expanded presence in China, IFP further commits itself to the ever-critical Asian sector of the worldwide forest products trade.

Leading the office is Roger Wang.   Roger has 10 years of hands-on experience in the timber trade in China, beginning his career working for a diversified plywood manufacturer.  For the last eight years he has been in sales, working to establish and integrate more North American products into the Chinese building materials industry.   His experience has taken Roger to all four-corners of the country and he is a considered an industry leader in servicing the building trades.

Along with Roger, Elva Liang will also join IFP in customer service.  Elva brings years of experience in servicing the onerous customer needs typical to the Chinese importer.  She operates daily with the Chinese banks and is comfortable with all forms of payment, L/C’s in particular. 

The Solid Wood Products group is excited about this initiative and has confidence that this commitment to the marketplace is the optimum structure for long-term success.