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IFP earns two awards for excellence from APRIL Fine Paper

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – International Forest Products LLC (IFP) is proud to announce that the company has been selected as the Best Overall Partner and Best Performance in High GSM by APRIL Fine Paper at their annual summit. 

The APRIL Partners Summit took place on Thursday, March 18, 2021, highlighting APRIL’s global businesses, including an overview of the company’s Pulp & Paper division. The presentation touched on long-term projections for APRIL’s business, sales strategy and recent results, as well as initiatives such as an emphasis on environmental sustainability, which has been a significant focus for APRIL for many years. As part of this global review, APRIL included an awards ceremony to showcase their top performing partners. 

“IFP is honored to accept these prestigious awards from APRIL Fine Paper,” said Daniel Kraft, President and Chief Executive Officer of IFP. “We are proud and honored to be partnered with this distinguished supplier, and we look forward to building on our relationship for our mutual benefit well into the future.”