Recovered Fiber

IFP is a market leader in sourcing and selling various grades of secondary fibers.  IFP’s Global Recovered Fiber Group (GRFG) has many dedicated contacts and a network of foreign offices committed to further developing business with major mills worldwide. 

The Kraft Group organization is dedicated to increasing business in this product area. The Group now owns three recycling facilities in the New England area, allowing IFP to procure additional material for both domestic and export purposes. IFP plays a significant role in sourcing high quality, low cost fiber for The Kraft Group's mill system, and we can leverage the buying power of the domestic mills in order to grow supply for the IFP global trading network. Today, IFP sources more than 2.2 million tons per year of fiber for internal consumption and trade. 

US Grades


  • Over-issue news #9
  • Old magazines #10
  • Commercial OCC #12
  • New Double-Lined Kraft #13
  • Hard White Shavings #30
  • Sorted Office Paper #37
  • Sorted White Ledger #40
  • Coated Book Stock #43

Bulk grades:

  • Mixed Paper
  • Various News Grades
  • Old Corrugated Containers #11

Stock lot rolls

Other grades as listed in the PS Standards

European Grades

  • A2 Mixed Papers
  • EOCC 80/20
  • EOCC 90/10
  • News and Pams 70/30
  • OINP 
  • Carrierkraft
  • Officepack
  • Plastics

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Jeff Ryalls Vice President, Recycled Fibers
Edward Clark Vice President, Europe
Catherine Cawood Sales Director - Africa
Susan Crisafulli Director of Secondary Fiber Sales
Charlie Gray European Trade Manager
Per Malgerud Managing Director, IFP Sweden
Chris Monroe Senior Director of Secondary Fibers
Stanley Ng Managing Director, IFP Malaysia
Eduardo Porta Vice President, Latin American Sales
Phil Rogalski Director of Recovered Fiber
Shuoya Shu Vice President - Asia Sales
Bart Swaim Director of Secondary Roll Sales
Scott Taylor Director, Recovered Fiber Sales
Roger Tsang Managing Director, IFP Hong Kong