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Jonathan Heywood

Managing Director

Peter Keyes

Managing Director, Solid Wood Group

Steve Maneri

Director of Sales, US

Bio Energy

IFP is working with some of the largest utilities in Europe to develop innovative supply chain relationships to source traditional and new biomass feedstock and accredited liquid bio oils.

IFP has emerged as a leader in sourcing and trading sustainable biomass materials because it has identified and is responding to:

-         the anticipated demand for industrial scale biomass, especially torrified fuel, for co-firing in conventional coal burning power stations in Europe;

-         new opportunities to co-fire industrial scale crop residues, grown exclusively for energy, which are now actively  being pursued in markets such as the UK for their higher renewable energy credits; and

-         the growing fuel market for residential and small commercial wood pellet stoves and central heating systems.

IFP’s strengths are:

·         low counterparty risk derived from a strong equity base.

·         world-class supply chain management provides opportunities to combine biomass cargoes with other IFP traded products to achieve freight efficiencies.

·         bankable counterparty for new projects.

·         experience to manage “risk” for long-term contracts.

·         familiarity and compliance with legislative and environmental certification requirements.

In an immature but rapidly developing marketplace, IFP aims to achieve sustainable and dependable supply of consistent quality product to meet customer needs within the framework of government legislation. IFP is able to supply biomass for industrial co-firing, regional combined heat and power projects (CHP), and Energy Service Company (ESCO) concepts for residential heat and power schemes.